Carter's tenure as chief plagued with controversy

Police Chief Tandy Carter at a news conference two weeks ago about the Benjamin crash.

Columbia City Police Chief Tandy Carter has drawn some fire from the investigation into the wreck that involved Mayor-Elect Steve Benjamin.

His department remains on the case, but not without opposition.

The crash that happened hours after Benjamin was elected the city's first African American mayor left hotel worker Deborah Rubens in a coma.

City council members have suggested the chief hand over the investigation to an outside agency to avoid a conflict of interest.

But even before contentions started over the investigation, Carter's two year reign has been plagued with trouble.

Carter was brought in to to clean up the force after the brief tenure of Chief Dean Crisp but he's been accused of missteps along the way.

Last October, CPD arrested Myrtle Beach Attorney Jonny McCoy and charged him with interfering with his friend's arrest.

A police report also said McCoy grabbed officers, but a video shown First On Fox does not reflect that.

Carter told WACH Fox News his department would conduct an internal investigation, but one month later, the city attorney admitted no investigation took place.

WACH Fox News made several requests to the police department for information on any discipline handed out to the officers involved in the McCoy incident. We have yet to receive that.

Also, a picture seen First on Fox, comes from the Facebook page of Officer Amanda Long, one of the three officers involved. It shows a woman in the driver's seat of a car, drinking from what appears to be a bottle of alcohol. WACH Fox News has independently verified the woman in the picture is Long.

Critics point out that it's things like this that make them question Chief Carter's Judgment.

Meanwhile Friday, Attorney General Henry McMaster gave his opinion on the control of the investigation into the Benjamin accident.

McMaster's concluded that Columbia City Council does have the authority to "direct the chief to turn over an investigation to another police agency."

The council will meet Monday to discuss the issue.