Cat controversy continues in Chapin

CHAPIN, SC (WACH) -- Chapin residents are still concerned with the future of a cat colony known to the community as the Bi-Lo cats.

Last week Wach Fox aired the story about the cat colony that lives behind a Chapin Bi-Lo.

Since the story we have received an outpour of emails from people who are concerned about their fate.

Property manager Kathy Edwards told community caretakers she wanted the cats removed from the property last Friday.

We have also received copies of letters that Pets Inc. and Pawmetto Lifeline have sent to Edwards, explaining why it is important to leave the cats where they are.

Wach Fox has tried to reach out to Edwards multiple times, but has received no response.

The cats have not yet been removed, but their homemade shelters have. Residents are concerned they are going to show up to feed the colony and they're going to be gone.

Many worried caretakers have reached out to Chapin Town Clerk Adrienne Thompson, who was familiar with the cats but not the details of how a cat colony works.

"They have been there for years, being fed, and everything. No one has ever complained and I hear all the complaints in town," said Thompson.

Thompson said the town of Chapin is behind the cat colony and is doing what they can to help the situation. They are currently looking at 10 different town properties that may be a possible areas to relocate the aminals.

According to animal activist Pat Peters who also helps care for the cats the relocation process is difficult. Cats will have to be caged at the new location 2 to 3 weeks to get acclimated, and there is still no guarantee they will stay.