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      Catching ZZZZZ's: Diary of a weary weathergirl who's literally tired of her job

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - Many people are often tired for one reason or another, and they're tired of being tired.

      At times, our culture seems to value productivity over proper rest, even bragging if they feel they're "getting by just fine" on five or six hours of sleep. Personally, I'm quite fond of naps, and have always felt R&R actually helps me accomplish more. The real question is, "Are you getting enough sleep?" There are many people suffering with parasomnias or lifestyle issues like overnight shift workers or women in their 40's who have particular challenges when it comes to counting sheep.

      In an attempt to demystify the phenomena of slumber, I sought the advise of Dr. Richard K. Bogan, founder, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of SleepMed, Inc. I wanted to learn about the fundamentals of slumber, beginning with why we need to shut down and go completely unconsious for eight hours each day, and what can go wrong when we don't put a priority on getting a good night's sleep.

      Scientists have been studing sleep functions for decades, but some of the basic reasons that rest is required for human survival remain a mystery. What is known are the benefits of the proper quality and quantity of rest, as well as the dangers of exhaustion. Did you know we sleep in 90 minute cycles?

      Did you know there are over 80 different sleep disorders? Did you know it's illegal in some states to drive while fatigued?

      These are just some of the interesting facts that came out of my discussion, and I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceburg.

      Check out my first sit down with Dr. Bogan as we begin an in depth investigation into the science of sleep.