Challenging kids to be Fit for Life

Jared Fogle, The Subway Guy, shows his 'before' pants to the students at Summit Parkway Middle School.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Several schools around the Midlands are enbarking on a new health and fitness challenge in partnership with Subway.

Today those students got a little added inspiration from the subway guy - Jared Fogle. WACH Fox's own Bree Boyce had the oportunity to intoduce Jared to the students at Summit Parkway Middle School.

Jared Fogle has made thousands of school visits just like this to talk to kids about his story and why a healthy lifestyle is so important.

It is a talk Jared has been giving for nearly 15 years.

Bree and Jared share a similar weight loss story and have known each other for years. Jared agreed to sit down with Bree to talk about the importance of educating people - especially kids - about healthy lifestyle choices.

"I think the more proactive we can be as opposed to reactive, if we can educate these kids about nutrition and health at a young age and give them the tools that they need to make the good choices so they know what is healthy for them and what is not so healthy, I think that's critical," Fogle said.

Jared knows that trying to get kids to make drastic changes to their diet and exercise can be difficult.

"It's not just saying they can't play video games it is not saying they can't eat junk food occasionally, watch TV, they're kids they want to have fun, but you have to make sure you have enough ballance, that you're getting enough exercise, that you're having enough of the fruits and vegetables that you're eating enough of the things that are healthy for you too," Fogle said.

The message seemed to hit home with the students at Summit Parkway.

"I was really surprised at the numbers and so I was listening to him and thinking, if he can make this big of an impact in his life that I can at least do something in mine and if I can in somebody else's," said Jordan Seeger, an 8th grader at Summit Parkway.

Everyone knows Jared's Subway secret to lose the weight, but how has he managed to keep it off?

"I try to get to a gym now two or three days a week at least, I try to walk on a treadmill a day or two a week not a lot of stuff but it is something to, enough to get me going an hour at a time at the most," Fogle said.

WACH Fox sports director Brian McConchie had the opportunity to indroduce Jared at another Fit for Life school today.

Brian teamed up with the students at Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School

For more information on the Fit For Life Challenge and how you and your family can take park, click here to visit the Fit for Life website.