Changing a life, one mile at a time

Rebecca Murphy is preparing for a 26-mile marathon.

One Midlands woman is lacing up her tennis shoes as she prepares to run for a cure. And she's getting some big motivation from a little boy.

Rebecca Murphy is gearing up to take part in a 26-mile journey to benefit someone special.

"You take so many things for granted everyday, and you don't look at the big scheme of things in life," said Murphy. "And here a 5-year-old is battling a terrible Cancer every single day and has the biggest smile on his face every single day."

It's that smile that's pushing Murphy to pound the pavement to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The Midlands woman has been training since last year, but says the biggest roadblock has come even before the race begins. Fundraising has been slow, but she's hopeful it will soon pick up the pace.

"Every dollar counts," said Murphy. "Some people only have a dollar to give and that's perfectly fine."

"You're helping patients all over the world, and locally even in your own area fight their diseases," said SC Team in Training runner Bayne Dangerfield. "It's a win-win."

Dangerfield is gearing up for her sixth marathon and knows the dedication it's taking for Murphy to go the distance.

Rebecca Murphy is taking things one step at a time. And says she chose the challenge to help change a life.