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      Chapin cat colony has found a new home

      CHAPIN, SC (WACH) -- Community members concerned with a feral cat colony living behind a Chapin Bi-Lo have finally found a new home for the felines.

      The group of cats have lived behind the Bi-Lo for almost a decade.

      Animal activist Pat Peters is one of the concerned community members who has helped care for the colony. Peters said she spoke to the property manager of the Bi-Lo shopping center and she wanted to the cats removed back in July.

      The decsion to remove the cats has created an uproar from people in the community who know about the cats.

      Peters has specialized in TNR, a process that stands for trap, neuter, and release.

      "I'm really good at trapping, but these cats are very smart, very savy. and very healthy," said Peters.

      The cats have been trapped neutered and released, which is why relocating them is turning out to be hard work.

      They have been trying everything from fried chicken to shrimp, hoping to lure them in.

      Peters says she got tip Saturday that an animal removal company was spotted nearby.

      "I think they were picking up the food to try to get them hungry to try to trap, so I came down here and I knew we needed to get them out of here,"said Peters.

      Since then it has been a race against time to make sure the cats are moved without being hurt.

      Many who frequent the Bi-Lo wonder why the cats have to go anywhere.

      They don't have disease, they don't have kittens, they don't get underneath my car when I come out, to get out of the rain. They don't get underneath the car for heat and they don't get in the trash so I just go and shop and dont worry about it, said Gwen Brennan a frequent Bi-Lo shopper.

      Peters has found a home that will take all 13 of the cats so they don't have to be separated.

      Currently they are building a shed on their property, but until that is complete Peters will have to keep them in her garage.