Chapin hosts 5th annual Labor Day festival

Chapin (WACH)--Chapin residents celebrated Labor Day with a big party.

The town held its 5th annual Labor Day Festival; full of food, fun, and the popular parade. This year's theme was "Chapin Rocks". Even Mayor Stan Shealy got into the act by dressing up as Sergeant Pepper.

Afterward, there was a Chapin Idol music contest, vendors selling food and other items, and a car show.

Karen Owens, Chapin Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, said it is the biggest event of the year; and has a big economic impact.

"It is a great way for people to learn about our community. We have a lot of visitors that come look here; and many relocate to Chapin. It is a very close-knit community and we've got a lot of things going on. It is a good place to work, live, and play."

The event is scheduled to end late Monday afternoon. Owens said they are already getting prepared to discuss plans for next year's festival.