Charges against WACH-TV personality Cynthia Pryor Hardy discharged

Cynthia Pryor Hardy

Columbia (WACH)- A judge has conditionally discharged marijuana possession charges TV personality and community activist Cynthia Pryor Hardy.

Pryor, host of "On-Point" on WACH Fox, was arrested at the South Carolina State Fair in October after security personnel discovered a small cigar case containing a cigar containing marijuana. Pryor Hardy was given a ticket for simple possession.

Pryor Hardy maintained her innocence saying she confiscated the marijuana from one of the youth she works with. She explained she had forgotten to properly dispose of the drugs before she arrived at the State Fairgrounds for a live presentation of "On-Point" at the State Fair.

As a condition of the discharge, Hardy must submit to random drug tests for six months and if the tests remain clean the charges will be dismissed.

Cynthia spoke to WACH Fox Newsthis afternoon. She said she "is very happy with the way things turned out."