Chick-Fil-A helps keep MLK Jr's dream alive

Chick-Fil-A Five Pts. Manager Clayton Dyson serves customers during Spirit Day.

COLUMBIA (WACH)--Chick-Fil-A in Five Points holds Spirit Day to help fund a scholarship program created in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

A portion of all purchases made Wednesday by customer who mention "Dream Keepers" at the location will go towards the Dream Keepers Scholarship program.

"Dr. King had a huge dream of course but it involves all of us just coming together," said Public Relations Manager Kevin Brown, "and strengthening our communities and without each other we are not as strong as we could be."

The Dream Keeper Award recognizes exemplary displays of committed service to the tenets of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The ideals of social responsibility, political empowerment, diversity, racial harmony, nonviolence, and unselfish service must be demonstrated voluntarily by the nominee in support of his or her community and fellow citizens.

This year's Dream Keeper scholarship recipients will be announced on Monday, January 16th, 2012 at the historic marker service set for 4 p.m.