Chief William Holbrook is officially Columbia's Police Chief

Chief WIlliam Holbrook

COLUMBIA (WACH)-- William "Skip" Holbrook is now officially Columbia's Police Chief.

Holbrook was sworn-in on Friday morning. He is the 11th Chief in 13 years.

"I'm honored to be standing in front of you today and honored to be able to serve the people of Columbia." said Holbrook.

Chief Holbrook says he looks forward to making Columbia a world class city.

"The officers want their organization to be the best. I am proud to be your Police Chief."

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin said hiring Holbrook was a big win for the City of Columbia.

"The Mayor's behind you, the Council's behind you, the City's behind you, the people of Columbia are behind you," said Mayor Benjamin in the chief's first press conference in Columbia.

The new chief started his career in Charlotte, NC and said his wife has always had a desire to return to the Carolina's.

Holbrook will earn $121,500.

Holbrook has three children, 2 boys in college and a 10 year-old daughter.

Holbrook was appointed police chief in Huntington, WV seven years ago.

Reports show that during his tenure there was a dramatic drop in crime and significant increase in federal funding.