Child Advocacy Groups Create Common Agenda

Child advocacy groups come together to create a common agenda.

Columbia (WACH) -- A common agenda.

That's what child advocacy groups say early childhood development and education is missing.

Groups are coming together to change that and hope that their voices are heard by lawmakers.

"It was likely that...Although there might be some differences in different agendas that we likely shared 95-98% of the same ideals and the same objectives. So we thought we should come together and create this policy agenda." says Jamie Moon, president of the Institute for Child Success.

Advocacy groups say that simple changes like including evaluation and accountability to development programs will make a difference.

They also encourage more programs for parents to create stimulating and safe enviroments for children...And more attention on low income families and communities.

They even say two years of preschool might benefit child development.

"What's equally important is investing in the people, the human beings that will make our state prosperous. Research shows that the early years, 0-5 years are the most important time where we have the ability to impact that." says Moon.

They hope to bring relevancy to the topic with the recent start to the 2014 legislative session and say education is not an issue to bring up just in election years.

They want the common agenda to bring priority to bills that will help the early education system, as these are the ones that may shape the state's future.

"We also hope that we can look back in 5, 10, 15 years and see that what we started today has truly made a difference in the lives of our state's youngest citizens." says Moon.