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      Child overcomes cancer, raising money to help others

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - Family members and friends of an eight year old cancer survivor came to Lexington for free biscuits Sunday morning; and to help her with a ambitious goal.

      Emma Boughman was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2007. Her mother Gale said it was a long, hard battle.

      "She was three and our son turned one the weekend we found out. It was tough. But at the same time, we were at Palmetto Richland and they took great care of us."

      After two years of chemotherapy, the cancer was gone. Emma is now a five year survivor. But she is not satisfied.

      Her father Ernie said she wanted to help others recover. So they started Emma's Light; a charity aimed at raising money for the upcoming annual Light the Night Walk in Columbia.

      "The name is based on the light that people saw shining out of our daughter while she battled. People told us she is like a candle burning in the night."

      Emma has raised more than $22,000 in the last four years. This year she is trying to reach $30,000.

      "We have a wonderful support network," Ernie said. "Over the years, they have walked with us at every walk. They have helped us to to raise all of this money. We just can't thank them enough."

      The family hopes serving biscuits, Emma's favorite food, can lead to more inspiring stories from future survivors.

      If you would like to donate, visit here.