Child shot to death in Sumter

A young child in Sumter is dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.

SUMTER, SC (WACH) -- A 3-year-old child in Sumter is dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.

According to Sumter Police, the shooting was reported around 10 a.m.Tuesday at the Magnolia Manor Apartments at 530 South Pike Road in Sumter.

People at the apartment told to police the child shot the gun after finding it in the apartment.

The name of the child has not been released.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 reports there were four people inside the apartment at the time, including at least one adult, according to Deputy Chief Alvin Holston. The boy was visiting from Georgia, Holston says, and the Sumter County coroner is still working to make contact with the child's mother.

While it appears the shooting was self-inflicted, Sumter Police say they will continue their investigation and have not released any other details. No charges have been filed.

Sumter Police offers these safety tips to prevent accidental shootings, pointing out that firearm accidents in the home can be prevented.

- Always unload firearms before bringing them into the home

- Store ammunition in a separate secure location in the home

- Keep firearm completely out of reach of children

- Utilize security devices such as gun safes, locking gun cabinets, and gun locks to secure firearms

- Re-check firearms carefully to be sure they are still unloaded before removing them from storage

Firearm owners are responsible for making certain the firearms in your home are not casually accessible to anyone, especially young children.