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      Churches plus Coliseum equal Happy Thanksgiving for all

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Thousands of hungry Midlands people were fed by volunteers at the Carolina Coliseum Thursday.

      The homeless, the hungry and anyone who would come got a warm Thanksgiving turkey meal.

      Long lines stretched along the walls of the Carolina Coliseum as people waited to be served at the 22nd Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner.

      "It looks awesome," said Richard Ford, who came to the Carolina Coliseum for this unique American tradition.

      Saint Peter's Catholic Church and First Baptist Church of Columbia organize the dinner each year.

      "You can get a meal a lot of places, but to make people feel welcome [is] really what our goal is," said Ron Paull with First Baptist Church of Columbia.

      "I'm thankful for food to eat, I'm thankful for a place to stay at the winter shelter, and I'm thankful just for everything they're doing for me," said Ford.

      In addition to the meal at the Coliseum, almost a thousand meals were delivered to nursing homes and low income housing, in hopes that no one is excluded from a holiday with a good meal to be thankful for.