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      Citizen heroes honored with troopers at SCDPS awards ceremony

      The heroes who stopped the hit-and-run suspect met and embraced the family of the victim for the first time at the ceremony.

      BLYTHEWOOD, SC (WACH) -- South Carolina troopers who faced some of the most dangerous situations in the line of duty got some recognition Thursday.

      The SC Dept. of Public Safety hosted its Trooper of the Year Ceremony.

      In addition to the purple hearts, medals of valor and trooper of the year awards, two average citizens were honored for the first time.

      The two men helped to stop a hit and run suspect after a Dept. of Transportation worker was hit and killed while working roadside last December.

      "We felt like we did what anybody else would do," said Brett Blanks who received the "Highway Patrol Hero" award. "We saw the guy hit the person, and we responded, and we got him over on the side of the road. That was the extent of it."

      The men met the family of the victim for the first time at the ceremony.

      They says they have a new found respect for Highway Patrol after their own first-hand encounter with a hit-and-run.