Citizen prevents toddler from wandering out of park

an unknown citizen prevented a toddler from leaving Virginia Hylton unattended

LEXINGTON (WACH)â??An unknown citizen prevented a three year old todder from leaving Virginia Hylton Park unattended.

On Aug. 26, officers of the Lexington Police Department were dispatched to an incident at Virginia Hylton Park in which a toddler had wandered away from the play area.

Officers arrived on the scene less than 1 minute from being dispatched and less than 4 minutes from the time the 911 call was received.

An unknown citizen observed the three year old toddler leaving the park unattended. The toddler appeared to be following behind the citizen when the citizen turned around and escorted the toddler back towards the park area.

The citizen found a witness, who knew the parents, and escorted the child back to the child's mother, who was also in the park.

Chief Terrance Green would like to thank this unknown good citizen for averting what could been a far worse situation.

Citizens are also reminded that emergency call boxes are located within all town parks for any emergency situations that arise.