Citizen Soldiers married to the military

No only do the Digiovines serve in the Military together they also compete in triathalons together.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- If you didnâ??t know they were married, you'd think Roberto and Holly Digiovine were the wonder twins. They do everything together; live, work and play.

â??Itâ??s a complex life when you share your civilian business, your passion for sports and at the same time youâ??re serving in the military,â?? says Roberto.

The Digiovines are committed, not only to each other, but to serving the United State of America. Both are members of the South Carolina Army National Guard. He's an intelligence analyst and she's an all source intelligence officer.

â??I feel like it's such a great honor every time someone walks up to me and says thank you for your service, it's really kind of hard to know what to say cause it just feels like something Iâ??m compelled to do,â?? says Holly.

Serving is in Robertoâ??s blood. Heâ??s served seven years in the National Guard and before that, 15 years in the Italian Army. â??For me it really is to earn my right to be an American and it's also important to me to be able to stand tall and say Iâ??m an American, I earn it.â??

â??I always said that my husband was the best American that I ever knew even though he wasnâ??t a natural born American,â?? says Holly.

Roberto's dedication to duty and military service is what inspired Holly to join the ranks. After Roberto returned from his second deployment to Middle East in 2008; she felt she had to enlist. â??Robby is the epitome of soldier and so that was my only frame of reference and I just wanted to be like him.â??

Doing whatever is needed, wherever it is needed, Roberto and Holly Digiovine say they're up to the task as long as their country needs them.

Professionally, Holly is a certified personal trainer. Roberto is a cycling coach and also owns a bicycle studio called CafeRacer Cycling in Greenville.