Citizens petition to change Chapin's form of government

Town of Chapin

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? Mayor Skip Wilsonâ??s refusal to allow council members any place on the agenda for discussion and action during the council meetings is â??the straw that broke the camelâ??s backâ?? say members of a citizens group.

The group is starting a petition drive to change Chapinâ??s form of government.

They will be asking eligible voters in the Town of Chapin to sign a petition requesting that a referendum be called for changing the form of government from Mayor-Council to Council. This would shift control of day-to-day operations, personnel decisions and economic development from Wilson to the full council.

They believe this would enhance council cooperation, allow maximum flexibility and keep all decision-making authority with the council .

â??We have effectively been shut out of all decision-making concerning town operations, and have consequently not been able to perform the jobs to which we have been elected.â?? said council member Kay Hollis.

She said the Mayor â??does not abide by Roberts Rules of Order, the State Code of Law or Town Ordinances.

â??We donâ??t know how much is being spent, or for what. He shuffles money around at will from department to department, and maintains that the Council only approves the total amount budgeted. We havenâ??t had the opportunity to vote on whether money could be shifted from one line item to another, or one department to another. He has hired people for positions without consulting council, and without money budgeted to pay for them.â?? Hollis goes on to say.

â??As it is now, we donâ??t even have a â??Strong Mayorâ?? form of government. We have a â??Mayor Onlyâ?? form of government. The Town of Chapin deserves better,â?? she said.