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      City leaders working with community to help city's homeless

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- William Brown is one of many people speaking out at a public input meeting on the homelessness friday.

      Brown an advocate for the homeless telling city leaders that just finding a better way to feed the people is not the solution.

      Brown says he learned first hand from nearly ten years on the streets, after eating the homeless have no where to use the bathroom, shower or shave in the capital city.

      The man known best as "Quiet Storm" urges city leaders to consider building a faculty where people can take care of themselves.

      "The city can find funding for everything else but this. I have been through two tenures,the last mayor and now this mayor and the same thing,they are turning a blind eye on this," said Brown.

      Brown says from his experience drug, alcohol and mental health issues are all factors that lead to people becoming and staying homeless.

      A 2011 homeless count by Midlands Area Consortium for the Homeless shows there's more than 1,600 homeless people in Columbia and it's surrounding areas.

      "We've been held captive by our problems for so many years it's time to liberate ourselves from this problem, to liberate those who are impoverished in this city, to provide a path forward for them,said councilman Cameron Runyan.

      "When we help them just a little bit and show them that they're a human beings and then we extend the love that we're supposed to extend to them the love that we deem we need for ourselves, they'll begin to rise," adds Brown

      Runyan believes a large facility for the homeless will be part of columbia's solution for helping the homeless.