City of Columbia Holds Swine Flu Briefing

Columbia officials hold swine flu briefing at City Hall on Tuesday, April 28. / Photo: Mike Woolfolk

The City of Columbia is prepared to deal with Swine Flu pandemic should it arise.

Mayor Bob Coble invited representatives from DHEC, USC and the city's Emergency Operations Team to briefing on Tuesday afternoon where officials discussed pandemic plans and precautions.

"Due to recent information confirming the first case of swine flu in South Carolina, we want to reach out to all local government officials and to local experts to ensure that our citizens are safe and informed about what symptoms to look for in adults and children and steps for taking the proper safety precautions," Mayor Coble stated.

According to DHEC officials, the first "probable" cases of swine flu have been confirmed in South Carolina.

The meeting provided updates on the city's Pandemic Influenza Plan and how various city departments will handle operations. The primary focus will be on the continuation of essential city services in the event of a pandemic and the dissemination of information to the public about symptoms and safety precautions.