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      City of Columbia host 7th annual mayor's walk against domestic violence

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - The city of Columbia hosted the 7th annual Mayorâ??s walk against domestic violence in downtown Columbia.

      Hundreds across the state of South Carolina joined in the walk, including domestic violence survivors.

      "I was always the one that said oh no, it would never be me," said Patrice Roberts.

      Roberts said she was in an abusive relationship at the age of sixteen. She says her family and friends knew about the abuse, but she didn't want to put them in harms way by getting them involved.

      After seeing a co-worker wheeled out on a stretcher, who later died due to domestic violence, Roberts says that is when she received the inner strength she prayed for to walk away.

      "I had no idea," said Roberts. "What was going to be the ending result?"

      Councilwoman Tameika Devine says this walk was an opportunity for the community to come out and take a stand against domestic violence.

      The annual walk also provided forums and education to increase awareness about resources available to help victims of domestic violence.