City releases 911 calls from Benjamin crash

Rubens is recovering in Palmetto Health Richland Hospital.

City officials released recordings of the 911 calls from last Wednesday morning's crash involving Mayor-Elect Steve Benjamin that left hotel worker Deborah Rubens in critical condition.

In one of the calls, one woman describes the crash saying that one of the vehicles did not have their headlights on.

This has been one of the main questions in the investigation into the accident.

A male caller, who sounds like it could be Benjamin himself, can be heard saying he had a green light. Someone in the background confirms.

The call goes on and you can hear a man comforting someone at the scene, possibly Rubens, asking if they're okay.

A spokesman for Benjamin wouldn't comment citing the ongoing investigation.

A third call is from University of South Carolina Police Department confirming 911 Emergency got the call.

Rubens has been in a coma at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital since her Toyota Tercel collided with Steve Benjamin's Mercedes SUV around 5:40 a.m. last Wednesday. She was on her way to work at the Clarion Hotel near the corner of Pickens and Gervais where the wreck occurred. Benjamin had won the run-off election hours earlier to become Columbia's first black mayor. He was on his way to media interviews and wasn't hurt in the wreck.

Columbia Police continue their investigation into the crash.

The recordings were released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request by WACH Fox News.

Click here to listen to two of the calls.

Transcripts from the calls:

5:53 AM (Female caller)

911 Operator: 911 what TMs your emergency?

Caller: (Unintelligible) just saw a wreck. It was head on. It TMs at the corner of Pickens and Gervais Street.

911 Operator: Pickens and Gervais?

Caller: Uh huh. And um, one guy didn TMt have his lights on, and two cars hit head on and it is right on Gervais street at like 1600 Gervais Street.

911 Operator: Okay. Do you know if anyone is injured?

Caller: Do I know anything about what?

911 Operator: If anyone is injured?

Caller: (Unintelligible) checking right now. We have another guy calling.

911 Operator: What type of vehicles? Hello?

Caller: A black van and a burgundy looks like Chevrolet maybe? Old model two door Chevrolet. No, they are not okay, we need an ambulance they are injured.

911 Operator: Okay we have EMS on the way to them.

5:43 AM (Male caller)

911 Operator: 911 what TMs your emergency?

Caller: (Unintelligible) I know I had a green light.

Background: You did have a green light.

Caller: Yeah. Okay please, please send someone to the Clarion town house hotel on Gervais street, uh quickly.

911 Operator: You said Claritin hotel?

Caller: At the Clarion. Clarion, please quickly.

911 Operator: What TMs the address?

Caller: The Clarion, uh 1600 Gervais street, please quickly

911 Operator: 1600 Gervais, what TMs going on out there?

Caller: Please. Ok, huh?

911 Operator: What TMs going on out there?

Caller: Had a car wreck. Please hurry.

911 Operator: Anybody injured?

Caller: Huh? Yes, yes, yes. Please.

911 Operator: Any entrapment?

Caller: No, Um maybe. Possible entrapment. Please.

911 Operator: Okay. You all in the middle of the roadway?

Caller: Yes sir, please.

911 Operator: Okay, we have people on the way. I TMm just going to ask you a few questions. What sort of vehicles are involved?

Caller: An SUV and a small Toyota Tercel. Come on, bye bye. (Unintelligible) Ma TMam, ma TMam you okay? (Unintelligible for a 5 seconds).

911 Operator: Okay what's your name sir?

Caller: (Unintelligible for a 5 seconds). It TMs going to be okay, It TMs going to be okay , It TMs going to be okay , It TMs going to be okay , It TMs going to be okay. Just take it easy, it TMs going to be okay. It TMs going to be okay, It TMs going to be okay.

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