City responds to North Main P.R. questions

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- WACH Fox News finally has an answer to a question we've been asking for several weeks now.

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Columbia City Manager Steve Gantt responded Wednesday to our question as to why the city hired an outside public relations firm for $65,000 for a construction project when the city has its own internal PR department.

Off camera, Gantt told WACH Fox News P.J. Noble and Associates initially worked on re-doing the entire North Main Corridor with the contractor Parsons-Brinkerhoff back in 2003.

Gantt said the firm specializes in that area of work and will act as a go-between for the city and the construction company. It will also address any resident concerns.

We'd like to thank Gantt for giving us an answer. We were persistent because we wanted to know why the city is using taxpayer money for this project.