CMRTA bus route can't expand until court case ends

Darrell Eberhardt had to quit his job when his bus route to work was ended. He says he's hoping the penny tax plan moves forward quickly so he can find work again.

RICHLAND COUNTY (WACH) -- The Central Midlands Regional Transportation Authority still has not added new bus routes since the Transportation Penny sales tax was passed on the November ballot.

A court case protesting election results is what stands in the way.

Michael Letts, who is leading the protest, says briefs for the SC Supreme Court case were given Friday. Election-related cases are required to be prioritized in court, so Letts expects the case to conclude soon.

If allowed to move forward, CMRTA plans to add more midday and evening routes to its bus schedules. Those routes would go into effect eight weeks after the court case ends, giving CMRTA time to re-hire bus drivers and re-issue bus schedules.

Letts says he originally asked the Richland County Council to keep CMRTA separate from the penny tax, but they refused.

Richland County residents will see the penny tax itself go into effect on their sales receipts in May.