Update: Lexington 2 board makes no decision on coach's fate

Coach Kevin Heise

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Thursday night, Lexington School District 2 officials did not make a decision about the fate of a Brookland-Cayce High School teacher and coach who's been on administrative leave since last month.

Long-time soccer coach Kevin Heise was put on leave February 10. A discussion of Heise's employment status wasn't listed on the school board's agenda, but officials were expected address the situation behind close doors in an executive session.

More than 100 Heise supporters came to the meeting in hopes that the coach's job would be re-instated. The crowd was very disappointed after the board came back around 10:00 p.m. and did not mention the coach's name.

According to the South Carolina High School Soccer Coaches Association, Heise was put on leave after a "classroom incident", and Brookland-Cayce High School administration recommended his termination.

In a letter from the South Carolina High School School Soccer Coaches Association, Coach Dick Smith and Katie Smith Clampitt wrote in part, "While we choose not to go into details about the reasoning behind this decision by BCHS, it is our opinion that the recommended punishment does not meet the alleged infractions."

Sources close to the high school coach tell WACH Fox News Heise was put on administrative leave after giving a "life talk" to his class.

The words he chose during the talk is what sources say led to him being put on leave. WACH FOX News has obtained a recording that purportedly documents the incident in question, however, we have chosen not to release it because its authenticity cannot be confirmed.

An online petition to have Coach Heise re-instated has more than 1,300 signatures. Those who sign the petition can also write why they're supporting him.

"Kevin is not only my identical twin brother, but a MODEL for young Men/Women in the Cayce/West Columbia community as well as the Midlands and the state of S.C," wrote Heise's brother, Kyle, on the site. "His influence is much more than any other School Board member, Superintendent, Principal, Administrator, or Athletic Director could ever reach - he's been there for the youth of OUR community. Good/bad, un/popular, etc., he's been a "voice of reason" for countless youths (and their Parents/Guardians) that have come through the BCHS corridors. This is simply ridiculous! Warning, reprimand - sure! Suspension/expulsion - absolutely not! This has gone on too long and for all the wrong reasons!"

Kevin Heise has worked at Brookland-Cayce High School for nearly 28 years. South Carolina High School Soccer Coaches Association officials say he has "gone above and beyond his job requirements to improve the lives of BCHS students, promote and improve the reputation of BCHS, grow the game of soccer at BCHS and throughout South Carolina, help to place young students in college situations where they have a chance to continue their athletic careers, and help fellow coaches learn and understand the roles and responsibilities of their position."

The Association has asked members to reach out to the school district's board members asking to reinstate Heise as a teacher and head coach of the boy's soccer team.

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