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      Columbia attorney fighting for Martha's list.

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Columbia attorney Joe McCulloch fighting for Martha's list.

      Martha Childress is the USC student who was shot several weeks ago in Columbia's Five Points.

      Since that shooting Childress and her family presenting ways they think can curb crime in the hospitality district.

      "When a plane crashes we spend a lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong so we can make sure it doesn't happen again, what we're not doing is looking at our mistakes and figuring out why they occurred and what we can do to fix them," said McCulloch.

      In that list McCulloch addressing the bond process, saying there are four ways to stop career criminals from hitting the streets.

      He says these changes are as simple as communication between judges, prosecutors and bondsmen.

      McCulloch pointing out in some cases judges aren't even aware of a suspect's rap sheet or if they're out on bond.

      "Those are systemic problems that we hear about when it runs horribly off the rails. But many instances people are confirming their behavior after release sometimes the system works and sometimes it fails miserably," adds McCulloch.

      "These things go on and on and on, we just hear about the major ones I'm sure it happens more times than we would like to know," said State Senator Katrina Shealy.

      Shealy argues that we're putting the wrong people behind bars and that judges already have options to keep repeat offenders off the streets.

      She believes instead of reforming bond, lawmakers need to look at who they're sending into the courtrooms.

      "What lawmakers can actually do is when these judges come back up for re-election, reappointment, we need to look at who were putting in those seats," adds Shealy.

      McCulloch hoping to press forward with martha's list, while state leaders have a measure on bond reform he says parts of it are options that judges and prosecutors already have.

      "Bond legislation in February carefully thought out maybe of some validity, but again there are things that can be done right away and should be done right away," concludes McCulloch.