Columbia ''bath salts,'' synthetic marijuana ban in effect

It is now illegal to buy or sell "bath salts" and synthetic marijuana in the City of Columbia.

COLUMBIA (WACH)-- The City of Columbia TMs ban on bath salts and synthetic marijuana is now in effect.

Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott says his officers and city leaders are notifying the public and local businesses about the ban.

The ingredients found in bath salts produce a high similar to cocaine or methamphetamine. Substances known as K2 and Spice produce a high similar to marijuana.

Violators could face 30-days in jail and a $500 fine.

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Columbia City Council approved the ordinance last month.

Richland County Council is currently reviewing a similar ban. According to County Councilman Seth Rose, who initially drafted the proposed ordinance, it's important for both governments to pass the ban to avoid consumer confusion.