Columbia city council to consider tougher curfew

Columbia city leaders will consider enacting a tougher curfew law.It would affect kids 17-years-old and younger. The council will take up the issue at Wednesday night's council meeting. Recent problems in the Five Points area are part of the reason a tougher curfew is being discussed. Over the summer, two men where shot in three incidents in Five Points.

The owner of Yesterday's Restaurant hopes the city green lights the curfew."I TMm hoping they pass it. I think it would be really good for the whole city to keep the youngsters off the street late at night; home where they belong," said Duncan MacRae.

Columbia's Five Points Association is also for enacting a tougher curfew instead of requiring bars in the area to close at 2 a.m.; another idea that's been talked about recently.

The proposal would also ban businesses from allowing kids on their property after curfew.