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      Columbia Cops Combating Crime

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - It's a typical day for Sgt. C.B. Williams and the Columbia Drug Suppression Team.

      Each day they patrol the streets working to make Columbia a safer city. Chief Randy Scott started the unit in 2010 and the team now consists of 5 members and one K-9.

      They work off of leads and tips from the community.

      "If this persons out here selling drugs and there armed then there a danger to the society and it's our number one concern to get that off the street," said sgt. C.B. Williams.

      They're work has paid off recently with some big busts. A half-pound of crack cocaine at a home in North Columbia and they also uprooted an indoor marijuina growing operation in the southeast, along with a pound and a half of pot ready to sell. All these leads coming from Crimestopper tips.

      "A Crimestoppers tip gave us a guys name that said he posted on a social media site that he had marijuana for sale and other stuff come on and get it," added Williams

      Williams and his team following up on simalir tips Thursday morning. First stop was a home where neighbors suspect criminal activity .

      "This is violence, we don't know this is a drug house just because its been shot up. They could be victims, but i mean this is the violence we're talking about when we're talking with drugs," adds Williams.

      The team contiuned it's morning sweep of Columbia, fowlling tips all over town. While policing the streets Williams says he's seen an improvment in crimes. Thursday only one crime busted.

      "This is a moped you can't ride two at a time," said Williams

      "This is an awesome city, a great city we just have a few bad apples and we want to make sure they don't ruin the bunch," added Williams.