Columbia farm going green and organic

City Roots offers fresh, local, organic produce.

COLUMBIA-- When it comes to food, a lot of people these days are leaning green, buying healthy organic products.

Columbia's City Roots offers exactly that. The farm is the city's only in town urban farm.

Founder Robbie McClam says,"The organic food movement is important and something I follow and am excited about. It all just come together to start City Roots.

The farm grows more than 30 vegetable varieties. Workers also raise chickens, tilapia, and bees.

City Roots is also about sustainability. Pretty much everything at the farm, serves duel purposes.

"We use the bees to pollinate the plants and the flowers, and we can also get the honey, says farm manager Eric McClam.

Locals interested in the organic food trend, are making their way to the farm. Shoppers say they like City Roots, because they can see where their fruits and vegetables actually come from.

City Roots is open Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.