Columbia flooding fears are not subsiding

Columbia City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday on whether to sell Capital City Stadium to a developer.

Columbia, S.C. (WACH) - Environmental lawyer and Granby Mills resident Bob Guild spends a lot of his time trying to solve the flooding issues caused by Rocky Branch Creek.

Heâ??s worried his work may be washed away with the possible redevelopment of Capital City Stadium.

"I'm particularly concerned as a citizen about the impact of this development pushing floodwater downstream to the Granby neighborhood."

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Mayor Steve Benjamin says Columbia is a naturally flood-prone city so there's no way to tell how any new property would hold up in a major rain storm.

"We participate in smart development that helps ease the possibility in the event of a two-year event, 50 year event, a one-hundred year event," said the Mayor.

Guild says Capital City Stadium actually helps control flooding because water pools up in the parking lot; a man made buffer that may not exist if the property is redeveloped.

"Making bad decisions about individual property, without understanding the long range plan for recovery is a serious mistake, because you commit yourself to doing things that create more problems later."