Columbia leaders' wish list for a new Police Chief

COLUMBIA (WACH) - After speaking with some local leaders right here in Columbia about what they would like to see in a new Police Chief, the answers weren't so much what they would like that Chief to possess on paper, but rather the end result that Chief could bring about once they're in office.

One item on the wish list is to have a Chief who not only makes Capital City residents feel as though crime is top priority, but also those who visit the city.

"We have to look at it based on our needs. We have to be identified as a clean and safe city. And we want to make sure that visitors that come to the community feel that they're going to be coming in to a safe destination." says Ric Luber, the President and CEO of the Midlands Authority for Conventions, Sports, and Tourism.

A destination that will hopefully be booming in the upcoming years with developments like the Bull Street project and the revitalization of the Vista.

"As you look at the city and where we're going, it's critical that we have a strong Police Chief in place because none of those things matter if the city's not safe - if the community is concerned about safety." states Holt Chetwood from the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

One specific qualitiy that is desired is that the Chief have a pair of ears that aren't covered by their hands.

"A person that listens to what the community needs are and addresses those needs where it in a sense benefits the entire community." Luber concludes.

A community that is craving stability and safety above all else as it moves forward to its future.