Columbia mayoral candidates debate issues

Columbiaâ??s mayoral candidates tackled big city issues Thursday night. / Sara Jane Harris

Columbia TMs mayoral candidates tackled big city issues Thursday night.

Sparkle Clark, Kirkman Finlay, Joe Azar, Gary Myers, Aaron Johnson, Steve Benjamin, and Steve Morrison all shared their opinion on Columbia TMs problems and what they would do to fix them.The mayoral candidates spoke in front of a packed house and several concerned residents.

"The city's finance's aren't very well maintained and I think that hinders new development," said Columbia resident, Will Payne.

"While our main street looks doesn't have the vitality that a city should have," said Columbia resident, John Wilkinson.

I think if we had more jobs for college graduates with skills| that would make for a better Columbia, said Columbia resident, Latwila Mathias. More than 100 people attended Thursday TMs forum.

The questions were submitted by neighborhoods and later audience members were aloud to take a stand on issues such as gang violence, homelessness and clean energy.

Voters will head to the polls on April 6th.