Columbia PD Gets Christmas Breakfast


It's a 24-7 job. The Police Department doesn't take holiday vacations, so they're making sure all of their employees that have to work this Christmas get a little holiday cheer too.

Police officers that don't have to work today treated on duty officers to an early morning breakfast.

It's the fourth annual event of its kind.

"It was actually a way to teach my kids a lesson about the real meaning of Christmas. So we decided to come out and cook breakfast for the police officers, servicemen and women that are working today." says Sargeant Fred Bryant.

Police officers were treated to pancakes, bacon, eggs...a huge breakfast spread before heading out to keep the community safe.

Bryant says it's the least they can do for officers that give back everyday.

"It's important to give back anyways, especially around Christmas time, simply because that's what it's about. But mainly because these men and women give their lives to come to work, giving up time with their family." says Bryant.

While it's just a simple gesture like a hot breakfast, officers are grateful and appreciative that their employer is looking out for them.

"It's been awesome, it really has. They appreciate it and we appreciate them. It's gonna be an annual thing. Every year from here on out." says Bryant.