Columbia police beef up DUI patrols

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Columbia police are increasing patrols in areas of the city they say are hot spots for driving under the influence.

Police say alcohol-related offenses are an ongoing problem in Columbia and law enforcement is taking action to help solve that issue in some areas.

According to Sergeant Derek Miller of the Columbia Traffic Enforcement Division, areas like the Vista and Five Points seem to have the most alcohol-related problems and that younger inexperienced drinkers are making those areas hot spots for problems.

â??What we are doing is focusing on those hours that having a big problem or that we are seeing alcohol-related collisions and the alcohol-related offenses and targeting those areas where we are having problems,â?? said Sgt. Miller.

Law enforcement is increasing patrols and DUI enforcement in Five Points and Vista areas.

This past weekend, two Columbia patrol cars were hit by suspected drunk drivers. There were no serious injuries and the drivers are now facing charges. In recent month, authorities say a total of five Columbia patrol cars have been hit by people accused of driving under the influence.

Columbia police are partnering with state and local agencies to address alcohol related incidents and they want you to do your part as well by using designated drivers or taking a cab.