Columbia Police Chief Candidate Meet and Greet

Columbia (WACH) -- Dozens gathered to get their questions answered by Columbia's next potential police chief.

Questions were submitted by the public online.

Everything from what changes the candidates could bring to Columbia...

To how social media could impact how the public gets information from police was discussed.

"the more information we can put out to educate our citizens, the better we are." says police chief candidate William Holbrook.

"But let's face it. Most of our youth, most of our teenagers are on social media all the time. You can get a message from your 20 year old faster than you can get a phone call from a 20 year old." says candidate Gregory Reese.

The public wanted to know how the new chief would keep quality officers around...And recruit more to the city.

"Make sure there's equal opportunity for people to graduate into different positions, whether it be to special operations units, or municive rank." says candidate Bryan Norwood.

Candidates also focused on how they could realistically reduce crime across Columbia...By having more than one agency work together.

"I would spend a considerable amount of time with my other partners in city government. The reduction of crime is not a law enforcement role alone." says candidate Tony Fisher.