Columbia police say man tried to impersontate cop to scam senior

Police are investigating claims that a man tried to scam a senior citizen Monday afternoon.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Columbia police are investigating claims that a man tried to impersonate a police officer in an attempt to scam a senior citizen out of money.

According to investigators, the elderly victim told police that a man approached him outside his Oak Street home Monday afternoon and said he worked with crime prevention. The man did not name a specific law enforcement agency.

Police say the man told the victim his name was â??Fergusonâ?? and that there had been drug activity in the area.

As part of the scam, the man said he had information that two drug suspects lived at the victimâ??s house. Police say he also told the victim that his bank account had been hacked and someone tried to seal several thousand dollars.

According to police, when the victim asked the man for identification, he said he left it in his vehicle then pulled up his shirt and showed the elderly man a gold badge with blue lettering that read â??Crime Suppression.â??

Officers say the man then told the victim that an investigator wanted to speak with him at a bank, and offered him a ride.

Police say the victim said no and that the man got into his car and drove off.

Investigators say the car he drove off in is described as a gray or light-colored Mercedes Benz.

Police ask that if you have any information on this case to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.