Columbia Police taking tougher stance on Five Points crime

Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott talking about a violent weekend in Five Points.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Columbia police Chief Randy Scott said Tuesday that his department is taking a tougher stand after a dangerous weekend in the entertainment district.

One man was seriously injured after a brawl in the heart of Five Points early Sunday morning and two other incidents including a second assault and a shooting were reported the same morning.

Josh Bosworth says he and a friend were approached by a group of men and after he told them they didn't want trouble, he says the men attacked.

"I got swung on and they missed so I started swinging and fighting back. When I got one down that's when they all came", said Bosworth.

According to a police report, witnesses tell investigators that "seven to ten men" punched and shoved Bosworth untill he fell to the ground. They contiued to kick Bosworth in the head and chest. The Columbia man suffered a broken jaw in two places and has plates in his mouth.

"It can't be a good feeling as a mother or father to wake up to your son or daughter who has been vicitimized by violence in Five Points", said Scott.

Sunday morning, Columbia Police had 22 officers in Five Points. Chief Scott plans to contiue that heavy presence. Scott plans to put 40-plus officers on those streets after next week's USC football game with Georgia. However, Scott says law enforcement can't stop everything.

"We had incidents in Five Points and we are going to address them. We're going to aggresively address them and we're going to make a difference and a change until I see differently", added Scott.

After two years on the job, Chief Scott isn't suprised about these incidents. He said he was disturbed but he urges the public that Five Points is a safe place.

"Five Points is a good place, it's a place of hospitality. It's a place where we invite patrons to come but you're going to have people that have their mindset to do wrong", concluded Scott.

Scott says those people will find themselves behind bars.