Columbia Quad Squad winning on and off the track

Roller Derby is much more than a workout.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Roller Derby is a growing sport giving ladies of the Columbia Quad-Squad much more than a work-out.

Roller Derby is a fast paced hard hitting action sport mixed in with some competitive contact.

Tiffany Quick is a single mother of two and a hair stylist at Carmen! Carmen! is a woman who cherishes her 'Me time' and playing derby fills that void.

"It has given me, whoa, I guess that place to call my own with between work and the kids and just everything else going on in my life it's given me my me time," said Quick.

Joy Recc-her also shares the passion of being part of a team.

As a mother and business owner Recc-her views derby as an escape from every day life.

"I needed something for myself to do for physical activity and just to kind of get away the mom duties and the work duties," said Recc-her.

The team puts in countless hours of training and traveling and endures a lot of bumps and bruises along the way but admit that it's all worth it.

"I'm really kind of a peacemaker type person in real life and I don't care if there's winners or losers I want everyone to get along that's my personality but on the track i want to be a winner," said Recc-her.

While winning is a big part of derby the Ladies of the Columbia Quad Squad share a special bond with their teammates and when it comes to competing they have each other's backs on the track.

They encourage other women to come out and experience that same bond.

For a schedule or information on how to become join Roller Derby click here.