Columbia ranks as one of the most affected by the shutdown

The Columbia metro area is one of the most impacted in the country by the govenment shutdown.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The Columbia metro area is one of the most impacted in the country by the government shutdown.

Columbia came in as the 13th most affected in a Washington Post assesment. The survey found Columbia has about 23,000 federal workers -- or 6% of the total workforce.

Many of those employees work at Fort Jackson and Shaw Air Force Base. Not all of those federal workers are necessarily affected by the shutdown, but many were furloughed.

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Despite the impact in Columbia, two other South Carolina areas made the top 10. Both Augusta, GA - which includes the Savannah River Site - and Charleston rank ahead of Columbia with about 9% and 7.5% of their respective workforces employed by the federal government.

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Colorado Springs, CO topped the list with federal workers accounting for nearly 19% of the workforce.

Top 10 cities dependent on federal workforce, via the Washington Post:

1) Colorado Springs, 55,000 federal workers, or 18.8% of the workforce

2) Virginia Beach-N.C., 144,000 federal workers, 17.2%

3) Honolulu 86,000 workers, 17.2%

4) D.C. region, 446,000 workers, 14.3%

5) El Paso, 43,000 workers, 13.6%

6) Ogden-Clearfield, Utah, 24,000 workers, 11.5%

7) San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, 151,000 workers, 10.9%

8) Augusta, Ga.-S.C., 20,000 workers, 9.1%

9) San Antonio, 72,000 workers, 7.8%

10) Charleston S.C., 24,000 workers, 7.6%

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