Columbia residents tased

Officers tased residents who volunteered for it at the Citizens Police Academy.

COLUMBIA (WACH)-- The Columbia Police Departmentâ??s Citizens Academy turned into an electrifying experience for some brave participants this week.

Tuesdayâ??s class focused on what kind of force officers should use in certain situations. As part of that lesson, the department offered participants the chance to be tased by officers.

Two women and one man from the class stepped up to the challenge and were each tased for five seconds.

â??Tasers save lives because now officers donâ??t have to always use a gun or baton,â?? said Chief Randy Scott. â??They can use a Taser, and when itâ??s over, itâ??s done.â??

Along with the tasing lesson, the academy also features a SWAT demonstration, K-9 demonstration and at the end, each participant gets to go on a ride-along with an officer.

Chief Scott says the academy is a win for the citizens and a win for the department.

â??It really installs ambassadors for the department, but itâ??s the input we appreciate from the citizens. What we can do better,â?? said Scott.

The Citizens Police Academy is a 10-week class. Classes are held each Tuesday for two hours. Around 40 residents are participating in this session.

To learn more about the academy call Columbia Police Department's Training Division at (803) 255-8925.