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      Columbiana Centre a-bustle the day after Christmas

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The day after Christmas is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Shoppers flooded Columbiana Centre for exchanges, returns, or simply to do more shopping.

      "We decided today to leave the kids at grandma's and come do some exchanging and some returning," said Jerad Dunlap, one of many shoppers headed straight back to the mall post-Christmas.

      Another father said he was back at the mall for the same reason.

      "We had a few little mishaps with some Christmas gifts, and so we had to bring some things back," said Patrick Cobb.

      "That's why you don't shop for the wife," said Dunlap, referencing the clothing he'd bought for his wife.

      While many were back at the stores doing exchanges and returns, others simply got gift cards for Christmas and were busy spending them the next day.

      "We didn't purchase so many gifts," said Breigh Carroll. "We purchased gift cards, 'cause my girls are teenagers, and they don't like the same things that I like."

      Still others exchanged their gifts in for gift cards.

      "They're exchanging and getting gift cards, and so it's like putting money in their pockets, and so that way it becomes their money to spend and not mom and dad's," said Cobb of his daughters.

      Shoppers made sure to get the perfect Christmas gift, even if it wasn't under the tree the first time around.