Community members remember father,2 kids who died in intentionally set fire

vigil sharonne fairfield fire2.jpg

Fairfield, S.C. (WACH)-- Friends, neighbors, and family all gathered to remember a father and his two children who died in a house fire.

Justin Wilson, 29 and his two children 8-year-old Kemya Coleman and 6-year-old Deshawn Wilson passed away in a house fire last Sunday that is believed to be intentional.

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The loved ones joined hands in prayer and song and also lit candles and placed them on the doorstep of the house.

Parent's let their children release dozens of balloons into the air.

The vigil was filled with teddy bears, toys, and cards.

Loved expressed their love saying it meant a lot to see so many people come out in the face of such a tragedy.

Wilson's wife, Sharon Coleman, was arrested in connection to the fire and charged with arson and three counts of murder.

According to police, Coleman called 911 and informed them of a house fire at her Winnsboro home Sunday morning.

Her bond was denied.

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According to the Fairfield County Coroner's Office, the three died from carbon monoxide poising and thermal burns.

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