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      Community responds to gun control

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- During a time when shooting violence dominates headlines, gun control is a hot topic that is stirring the pot pf public opinion.

      They're too easy to get it, seems like it's too easy to get and there's too many on the street. Too many innocent young children you know innocent bystanders getting hurt," said mother of seven, Sabrina Allen.

      After President Obama delivered a speech Wednesday saying he's asked Vice President Biden to lead an effort to develop proposals on gun control, it seems everyone has an opinion.

      "The current laws that are in place are sufficient enough other than maybe having a little more in depth of a background check," said Lauren Gunn.

      Obama said in the news conference that with the technology we have today, we should be able to check criminal records before a person can check out at a gun show. He also said that any single gun law cannot solve all of the problems. Mental health issues and schools will also have to be addressed.

      "I do believe the Constitution as it was written giving people the right to own, and bear arms, but I do believe that if there are guns everywhere incidents like this are going to happen. So the question is, where do you draw the line on what someone can and can't own." said Seamus Welch.

      According to the President, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary should be a wwake up call for all of us.

      "If we're not getting right the need to keep kids safe, nothing else matters," said Obama.