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      Control your thermostat in the palm of your hand

      LEXINGTON (WACH) -- A popular new way to control the comfort of your home and possibly help reduce energy costs is a smart thermostat.

      The wifi enabled gauge allows you to change the temperature at your house from the palm of your hand.

      The new thermostats connect to smartphones, tablets or any other wifi enabled device through an app that controls the temperature.

      Slade Rhodes with Gene Love Plumbing, Air and Electric says in the new age of technology, smart thermostats appeal to young professionals and those in their early 40's.

      "Everything is digitized in their car, everything is touchscreen so the younger generations there asking about it even before we can bring it up," said Rhodes .

      Rhodes says the ease of use is why most people choose a wireless thermostat, however the convenience of controlling the temperature from anywhere could possibly save you some cash.

      "If you're looking at a 5% savings just in having a better thermostat it'll pay for itself over a short period of time," adds Rhodes.

      Rhodes says upgrading to a smart thermostat won't save you money by itself; there are several factors that can impact your energy bill.

      He says having an energy efficient home and what type of appliances you have will impact energy costs.

      South Carolina Electric and Gas offers rebates for home energy improvements, to qualify for those rebates you have to have a SCE&G participating contractor do a whole home energy inspection.