Conversations parents are having with their teens after a local teacher's arrest

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- With the arrest of a local teacher who is being accused of having sexual relations with two students, parents of Dreher High School Students are being forced to have discussions with their teens.

"Although he was not a student of this teacher, my daughter was and it was her favorite teacher,and that was a huge shock." said one mother waiting for her son outside Dreher Monday afternoon.

This mother of two who asked to remain nameless has a 15 year old son who goes to Dreher High School and a daughter who graduated last year.

She says when she first found out about the English teacher suspected of having a sexual relationship with students, she asked her son what he knew and what he had heard from classmates.

"They were building up the kids that were involved almost like it was cool to be a part of it," said the mother.

According to teen Psychologist Fred Medway, that's a common reaction among adolescents.

"A lot of times you may seem some of these braggadocio comments coming out of kids, about well if I was in that situation that may be kind of a good thing," said Dr. Medway.

Dr. Medway says that's why it is important for parents to keep those lines of communication open with their teens and let them know the seriousness of situations like these.

"We talk about it and how uncool it is being g taking advantage of in a position of authority what you should do in a case like that, until I felt like he had understood the importance of what had gone on," said the teens mother.