Councilman Manning doesn't apologize, CATI responds

Richland County Councilman Jim Manning.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Richland County Councilman Jim Manning is not backing down from comments he made toward a group opposing a proposed penny sales tax increase.

Manning told the Richland County Election Commission last week a gag order should be imposed on the group for spreading lies about the ballot referendum.

Citizens Against the Tax Increase Spokesman Michael Letts says he received an email from Manning Tuesday. The email asked Letts why felt an apology is necessary. Read the entire email here.

"We really were just shocked that his comments were so blatant," says Letts. Manning accused CATI of spreading lies about county staff.

Letts says a representative from CATI will read a statement to county council Tuesday night. The statement will refute Manning's comments that CATI is a "cult like faction of self-serving individuals." You can preview the statement here.

"When you call people liars, when you tell people they're not telling the truth, that they're a cult; a first grader should understand an apology is the minimum that should be required," says Letts.

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