Couple Fuming at Car Restoration Company

The last four years have turned from a dream to a nightmare for Harvey Banks and his wife Jacqueline.

The couple wanted to restore their 1966 Chevy Impala; which they nicknamed Bessie Bell. They thought they had a deal of a lifetime when they found Crawdaddy's Car restoration in West Columbia. The company promised the restoration would be complete in one year for $20,000. But that was four years ago, and now the vintage car looks like it should be in a junk yard.

Harvey said it hurts him to look at it now.

"It is nerve-wrecking to see your car torn apart like that and see it left in the same or worse shape then it was when you took it there. They haven't even begun to correctly restore the car."

Banks said the company destroyed his car and did not take proper care of it; even leaving it out in the rain, resulting in rust on the floorboard. He claims Crawdaddy's also ruined the car in many other ways, including spraying the engine black and red with paint that chips off, and installing polyurethane on the cars enamel.

Banks said he shelled out $16,000 in that time span, and the only thing he heard from the shop was excuses for they delay.

"They said a mechanic quit, another excuse was that a mechanic had died. Another excuse was that the primary worker on my car became ill," said Banks.

Crawdaddy's Supervisor Eldon Trapp spoke to WACH Fox off camera. He admits the company did not work on the car full-time due to circumstances with employees. He also said there was a lot more work to do on the car than what was initially planned. The additional work meant ordering more parts, which lead to more delays due to lack of manpower. According to Trapp, Banks told his employees to take their time.

But Jacqueline did not envision four years.

"It saddens me because of what was done. It angers me because we put trust in Crawdaddy's Custom."

Banks and his wife tell WACH FOX they have repeatedly asked Crawdaddy's for re-imbursement and have been denied. However, Trapp said the company would like to work out a settlement with the couple; who are planning to file a lawsuit.