Courageous neighbor gives aid after domestic shooting

Erique Blow jumped into action after a domestic shooting occurred across the street from his home.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Erique Blow was enjoying a nap Monday afternoon when he woke up to a commotion across the street from his home.

"I heard a loud boom. My dog started barking. I heard yelling once I approached my door. Basically, all I saw was my neighbor propped up against my porch screaming someone had shot her daughter," said Blow.

The 20-year-old immediately helped Yvonne Thomas inside his house and barricaded his door with a couch. After Thomas had calmed down, she asked Blow to go check on her daughter.

Blow says he approached the house cautiously.

"As I opened the door, I saw her with two shots to the upper torso. Next thing, just call out to her to keep her awake and aware help is on the way," said Blow.

Another neighbor called 911 and four deputies arrived quickly.

According to Blow, seeing Tecora Thomas wounded on the floor was something he will never forget. He says she wasn't just a neighbor, she was a mother he often saw walking her child to the bus stop. Blow's niece would play with Thomas' son.

"I was feeling hurt basically to see her laying there, struggling, just feeling hurt," said Blow.

Blow says the incident was unusual for the Winslow community, which he says is a nice neighborhood.

Despite the abrupt awakening, Blow says he wasn't scared.

"I just reacted; acted as a neighbor would," said Blow.

Blow recently joined the Air Force and feels that gave him the courage to help the Thomas' Monday afternoon.

Deputies have charged Dexter Boulware with Murder in the case. He was Tecora Thomas' estranged husband and is expected in court early next week.