CPD Chief's abrupt absence leaves unanswered questions

The sudden depature of Columbia Police chief Randy Scott has left several questions unanswered.

COLUMBIA (WACH) --The sudden departure of Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott has left several questions unanswered.

Some city officials were feeling the heat for the way they answered questions on Tuesday about the news of Scott's indefinite leave.

City manager Teresa Wilson released a statement Wednesday clearing up any questions on the abrupt departure.

"At no point in time did I make a reference to any media outlet that any disciplinary action had been taken regarding Chief Scott. I was asked a question about knowledge of any complaints or issues regarding Chief Scott prior to his request for a leave of absence. The response to that question is yes," said Wilson.

There has been a revolving door in the chief's office this decade.

Since the year 2000, six different men have held the position and only one held it for three years.

Scott was recently re-hired as the city's police chief in December. He resigned to protect his retirement benefits, but was back on the job 15 days later. Now, he is out again.

James T. McLawhorn, Jr. is the president of Columbia's Urban League and has developed a close working relationship with the department.

"Anytime you have this type of change in the leadership of the police department, I think it is of concern to all of us," said McLawhorn.

McLawhorn says while the important role the police department plays in the community is vital, they need to find stability for officers and the city.